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Does CBD Contain THC? A Guide to the Differences Between CBD

by businessian
Does CBD Contain THC? A Guide to the Differences Between CBD

sDid you know a third of Americans have used CBD products? Another twelve percent of Americans regularly smoke pot. Some people confuse the use of these two because of uncertainties in CBDs versus THCs.

This confusion stems from CBD and THC being produced by the same plants. Cannabis, hemp, and related species can produce these substances to varying degrees.

But does CBD have THC in it? What are the differences between these two substances? Continue reading to find out the answers to these pressing questions.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring chemical found in hemp, cannabis, and similar plant species. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t produce effects associated with “getting high” or “smoking weed.”

However, many people find CBD helpful in treating various conditions, both physical and mental. Since it doesn’t produce hallucinogenic effects, cannabidiol is a legal substance that can be purchased and used almost anywhere. The most common CBD products you’ll find include oils, gummies, lotions, and beauty products.

What Is THC?

THC stands for tetrahydrochloride. Like CBD, it’s a naturally occurring chemical found in hemp, cannabis, and similar plants. However, THC is known for producing numerous side effects.

A few of the most common side effects include cotton mouth, bloodshot eyes, the “munchies,” and zoning out. Some people have more significant side effects. THC has been known to cause increased heart rate, paranoia, hallucinations, and sleep disturbances in sensitive individuals.

THC is only legal in states or countries where marijuana is fully legalized. States that only allow for medical marijuana exemptions are not fully legalized. Only those that allow recreational cannabis usage allow THC.

Does CBD Have THC in It?

No, CBD doesn’t have THC in it because the two are entirely different things. But some products containing CBD also contain THC. Therefore, you must read the ingredients on all CBD products before using them if you hope to avoid THC.

Key Differences

There are many differences between CBD and THC. One noticeable difference is cost. The CBG biomass price will be drastically different from purchasing a hemp flower with high amounts of THC.

There are considerable differences in terms of legalities. Where CBD is generally legal in most places, THC is illegal in many states and countries. This is the primary reason you should learn the differences between the two.

Also, THC produces the effects people associate with “getting high.” CBD doesn’t produce these effects. Although there are other differences, these are the few key differences to keep in mind.

More Questions About Does CBDs Have THCs?

[CBD] and [THC] are two distinct chemicals produced by cannabis, hemp, and related plant species. CBD doesn’t contain THC, but some CBD products do. For this reason, it’s crucial to read CBD product labels before purchasing.

Do you have more questions about does [CBD] have [THC]?

Check out our other blogs. You’ll find articles on CBD, cannabis, and related topics to help you learn more on the subject.

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