5 Tips For An Efficient Business Office Layout

Efficient Business Office Layout

Whether you’re moving to a new office space or you’re renovating an existing one, there are so many ways for you to improve your business office layout. This doesn’t always have to mean costly improvements or changes. The idea is to plan a new office layout that will make your business process more efficient for all workers, with the end goal of improving productivity.

If you’ve already been collecting dozens of inspiration images for the layout you want or how to redesign your windows and metal stairs, there are two important things you shouldn’t forget when planning: comfort and functionality. A balance in both comfort and functionality can help lead towards better efficiency in the workplace.

Here are more tips to help you achieve that:

1. Organize For Accessibility And Work Flow

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When planning your office layout, use your workflow as your starting point. While segregating per department is a given, it would help more if the department clusters are also positioned efficiently next to the other departments that they work with the most. This can help facilitate a smoother workflow as interrelated departments can coordinate with each other more efficiently.

Then, organize working stations so that everything employees need to work—devices, tools, supplies —are accessible enough, either within arm’s reach or just a few steps away.

2. Mitigate Noise Pollution

Mitigating distracting noise in the workplace can be done strategically either through noise reduction or noise absorption. First, you can install sound-proof wall panels to minimize noise indoors. Then you can use window inserts to block noises coming from outside. If your business involves a lot of phone calls and you have an open layout, you’ll need to invest in sound-proofing your space more. However, if this isn’t your case, you can just sound-proof areas or rooms that you use for meetings and phone calls.

If you’re not sure how to do it, you can hire an acoustic consultant to help you assess the sources of noise and create a plan for a strategically sound-proofed office.

3. Use An Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan often makes for better collaboration. It’s easier for your team to interact with each other, and get things done. It can also help discussions to flow more freely, especially when quick, open ones have to be made. This will help enhance productivity as it minimizes email traffic internally, and may even help speed up decision-making between teams. Online Collaboration App to Ace Working from Home/Remotely in 2021

Moreover, open floor plans are inexpensive, as cuts the need for so many individual rooms, which may also feel small and claustrophobic for your team. When you have an open floor plan, your office space will also feel brighter, bigger, and more spacious.

4. Switch To Ergonomic Furniture

Uncomfortable working stations can cause eye strain, headaches, and back pain, which can easily lead to stress. If your office furniture items are already old and uncomfortable, this may be the case for most of your employees. And eventually, it may negatively affect their productivity and efficiency.

One of the best long-term solutions to this is the use of ergonomic furniture to promote office ergonomics. Ergonomic office furniture items started to become popular just a few years ago. But they’re not only a trend because they’re bound to stay. Specifically, they’re designed for comfort and efficiency, to promote proper posture, and reduce unnecessary stress. Invest in ergonomic chairs and tables and see the difference it can make especially for your hardworking employees who are sat on their station all day.

5. Create Multi-Purpose Spaces

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One way to maximize the spaces in your office is to create multi-purpose areas. For example, a conference room that can also serve as a training room, or an employee lounge area that can double as a media learning space, which you can also connect with the pantry.

Creative multi-purpose spaces that can be used for a bit of recreation are also helpful for employees who need a break, especially on long workdays. Such areas will allow them to relax and be entertained even for just a while, without having to leave the office’s premises, which means they can quickly get back to work after a much-needed break.


Workplace environment can always influence employee productivity. But to create a positive influence, your office’s layout should be carefully planned with comfort and functionality in mind. Consider sound-proofing and incorporating recreational areas too, which may help boost productivity. With an efficient office layout, your business process and delivery will be smoother, and your employees might just feel lucky to be working in such a well-planned space.

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