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8 Things To Consider Before Using Free Business Software

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8 Things To Consider Before Using Free Business Software

In the error of manual processes, using software is necessary for every business, whether big or small, new or existing. However, it incurs high expenses, especially for a start-up business. A significant amount of money is spent on different business software like accounting, email accounts, and payroll, among other business functions.

Accessible business software is welcome anytime because it’s one of the ways to save money for the business by reducing expenditure and improving productivity. There are several small businesses free web tools that you can explore. However, free software also has its downside; thus, it’s good to consider some of its pros and cons before deciding to depend on free software entirely. Moreover, there are features you should look for when looking for free business software. Read on to learn them.  

1. Free Software Has Minimal Or No Support

Considering that using software is critical for business operations, you would like every aspect of the business to run smoothly. It may not be possible with software with minimal or absolutely no support. You may have to upgrade what you have to fulfill specific business functions, which could be expensive. In such instances, it’s better and more economical to pay for software that will support all business operations for better productivity.

2. Ability To Collaborate

Collaboration is vital in a business environment with managers and workers or a hierarchy. Managers should be able to share files with their workers both within the office and those working remotely and on different devices. They should be able to access the files without any complications or struggles. Most of the free software is in formats that have to be converted, which may slow down work. Teamwork becomes an uphill task because you’re not able to collaborate. Thus, it’s essential to take your time to look for free software that can help you and your team collaborate efficiently.

Ability To Collaborate

3. Functionality

Every business owner will go for software that can get work done effortlessly. If free software is the kind that will be beneficial to business operations, it’s worth having it. Software is also considered functional if it can be compatible with other platforms. If not, you may have limited options for converting your software to access other platforms.

4. Ability To Sync Information Across Devices

Some free software does not allow information syncing across devices, which is a disadvantage, especially in these times where remote working has become part of running a business. You will need software that supports seamless data access from the company and personal devices through proper data policies. Software like this makes business operations efficient. Hence, you may need to look for free software or pay for one that can sync information across devices.

5. Size Of Company

The size of your company determines the kind of software to use. Free software can work well in a small company with few employees operating from the same area. It may not be a hassle to convert the formats that need such adjustments. Big companies, on the other hand, with several business operations within the office and in other remote places, need to purchase software that can support all functions.

6. Ability To Upgrade

You will need to upgrade your software as the company grows for your operation’s efficiency. Using free software may warrant upgrading if the version does not support some specific business operations your company has grown into. It may be more expensive to upgrade the free software you have instead of purchasing the latest version of the one you have been using in your company.

Ability To Upgrade

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7. Free Software May Not Accommodate Advanced Features

The free software you’re using may serve you well, but when you need to share some information through worksheets, you may need to upgrade to other applications. This situation may inconvenience you because it may take so much time and engage you in unplanned costs.

8. Efficiency

If you want to attain efficiency, your business’s productivity should increase with its expenses decreasing. Embracing technology is one sure way of making business operations efficient. You should acquire software that enables all workers to do their job well enough to meet the set targets. Using free software may limit the achievement of targets if it isn’t sufficient for all workers at the same time. Thus, consider looking for free software or purchasing one that allows maximum productivity for employees.


Having free software comes in handy, especially for small businesses just starting, because it saves money. Still, most of the time, free software is substandard depending on your type of business and the goals you want to achieve. One significant factor it may not provide is data security. Therefore, you should invest in software that effectively provides that security. As you evaluate the critical needs of your business, consider purchasing good software as one of them.

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