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What is the Banshees of Inisherin About

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Banshees of Inisherin

Banshees of Inisherin took place in Ireland in April 1923. We know this took place in April by the scene where Pàdraic Checks his calendar. And realizes the call ended their friendship on April 1, 1923. But Pàdraic Jet says hopes, which is not an April fool joke. As it is referenced in the movie, that same time as the highest civil war was a conflict that followed the war to Ireland fought to declare its independence from British rule. The Irish civil war lasted from June 28, 1922 to May 1923.

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The Banshees of Inisherin Plot

The banshees of the inisherin plot are simple. The first character is an Irish guy named Colm. He will undoubtedly decide one day that he will no longer want to be friends with another Irish guy named Pàdraic. Pàdraic asks Colm What he did wrong and why he is breaking the friendship, and Colm Calmly responds that he did nothing wrong And doesn’t like him anymore. They used to go to the pub together for years, and now, suddenly, Colm wanted to break the friendship with Pàdraic.

Pàdraic Didn’t want to leave the friendship, And with the help of their sister Siobhan, He found out why Colm Stopped talking to him. She told him that now Colm Found Pàdraic dul and didn’t want to waste his time talking only about pubs on this earth.

Colm was interested in music and wanted to be a great musician. Before Colm broke his friendship with Pàdraic, you told him about his work and considered his song a masterpiece.

Now, Pàdraic wants to be friends with Colm again and tries to speak to him. But Colm warns that if he bothers him again, he will cut off one of his fingers each time Pàdraic bothers him.

One day, Dominic, the troubled young son of a local policeman, became friends with Pàdraic and a new drinking buddy. He encouraged him to call Colm and tease him about the finger threat.

Instead, he calls Colm and tells him that he is not a friendly guy and that he was never a good guy in the first place. Colm argued that no one will remember a nice guy, But they will remember a good musician.

The End

The next day, sober Pàdraic apologized for his behavior to Colm. But Colm got angry because he told Pàdraic That not to talk to him, and as he promised. He cut one of his fingers and threw it at Pàdraic front door. Anyhow, Colm learns to play the fiddle only with his four fingers.

Dominic tells Pàdraic that Colm will be interested in him when you are fighting with him, so now Pàdraic decides to try a strict love approach with his friend. When Pàdraic goes to Colm’s home and forces him to talk to him, Colm tells him his new song that he wrote, “The Banshees of Inisherin.”

If you want to know the rest of the story, you can watch the film. And why Colm cuts his finger doesn’t make sense. Why Would someone cut their fingers to break up differential with someone? The movie never explained this, but Colm, who always speaks to the prize about his decoded word for depression. And filthy pressure to be a great musician and his excessive obsession to leave the legacy behind. As you told his friend Pàdraic at the pub. And when he cut off his fingers, he blamed Pàdraic. Also, he said that this helped Him take the pressure on himself to be a great musician.

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