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About Knowledge Management Software

About Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Software

Knowledge Management Software is a subset of enterprise content management software, which contains a set of software specializing. In the method of collecting, storing and / or accessing information. The concept of knowledge organization is based on a set of practices used by an individual, business or large corporation to identify, create, present and redistribute information for various purposes. Software that provides an information practice or a range of practices in any part of information management processes can be considered information management software. The subset of information management software that emphasizes an approach to knowledge creation based on information that is managed or contained is often referred to as knowledge management software.

KM software in most cases provides individuals, small groups, or midsize companies with the means to Manage company knowledge and information innovate, build new knowledge within a group, and / or improve customer service. Knowledge management systems (software) include about 1,500 or more different approaches to collecting and maintaining information in order to then create knowledge that can be searched using specialized search tools. They include concept builders and / or visual search tools that present information in a related manner not originally conceptualized by those who collect or maintain the information database.

One of the main categories of information management software is Groupware , which can be used for knowledge sharing and gathering. Groupware is a mix of synchronous, asynchronous and community-driven tools. Groupware can be used to share knowledge and expertise, even if team members are located around the world.

Peculiarities of Knowledge Management Software

KM software features typically include:

  • Aggregating content from both internal and external sources
  • Content classification using taxonomies
  • Search
  • Place of examination
  • Types / dark boards

As business today becomes more and more international, the ability to access information in different languages ​​is now a requirement for some organizations. Reported success factors for a CM system include the ability to integrate well with existing back-end systems and the scalability of the system for growth within the group.


KM software ranges from small software letters for individual users, such as brainstorming software, to highly specialized initiative software suitable for use by hundreds of employees. Often, KM software provides a key reserve for employees working in the customer service or telephone support industries or in the large corporate sectors.

Knowledge management software, in general, allows you to combine unstructured sources of information such as single word-processing documents and / or .pdf formats , email, graphic , unstructured notes , website links , invoices, and other information containing collections. such as a simple thought, with a combination of millions of interactions from a website, and through this combination allows the seeker to gain knowledge that would not otherwise be found. As the speed of Internet access has increased, many on-demand products (or software as a service) have evolved and are now the leading source of KM software.


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