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Parasite 123movies – Watch and Download Full Movie On 123 Movies

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Parasite 123movies – Watch and Download Full Movie On 123 Movies

Parasite 123movies (2019) Download and watch full online free on 123movies

Parasite 123movies is a 2019 South Korean black comedy and thriller directed by Bong Joon-ho, who co-wrote the script with Han Jin-won. Starring Song Kang-ho, Cho Yeo-Jeong, Lee Sun-Kyun, Choi Woo-Shik, Park So-dam, Jang Hye-jin, and Lee Jung-Eun. The film follows a low-income family who plans a job with a wealthy family and infiltrates their homes to impersonate highly skilled and unrelated people.

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All About the Movie – Parasite 123movies

Director: Bong Joon-ho


  • Kwak Sin-ae
  • Moon Yang-Kwon
  • Bong Joon-ho
  • Jang Young-hwan


  • Bong Joon-ho
  • Han Jin-won

Story by: Bong Joon-ho

Music by: Jung Jae-il

Cinematography: Hong Kyung-Pyo

Editor: Yang Jin-mo

Production company: Barunson E&A

Distributor: CJ Entertainment

Release date:

  • 21 May 2019 (Cannes)
  • 30 May 2019 (South Korea)
  • 8 November 2019 (United States)

Running time: 132 minutes

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean


  • ₩17.0 billion
  • (~US$15.5 million)

Box office: $258.8 million


  • Song Kang-ho
  • Lee Sun-Kyun
  • Cho Yeo-Jeong
  • Choi Woo-Shik
  • Park So-dam
  • Lee Jung-Eun
  • Jang Hye-jin

Watch Parasite (2019) Online Full Movie Streaming Free 123Movies

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3 Best Alternative Links to watch parasite 123movies

  1. https://ww1.solarmovie.cr/search/parasite%20/
  2. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6751668/
  3. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/parasite_2019

What happened in this movie?

The Kim family (father Ki-taek, mother Chung-sook, daughter Ki-Jung, and son Ki-woo) live in a small basement apartment (banjiha), have low-paid temporary jobs such as pizza box folders and struggle to make ends meet get. The university student Min-hyuk, a friend of Ki-woo, gives the family a scholar’s stone that is said to promise wealth. When he goes abroad to study, he suggests that Ki-woo pretend to be a college student to take on his job as an English teacher for the daughter of the wealthy Park family, Da-Hye. Ki-woo poses as a student at Yonsei University and is hired by the parks.

The Kim family recommends each other as highly-skilled, independent workers to take on the role of park servers. Ki-Jung embodies “Jessica” and, with Ki-Woo as a reference, becomes an art therapist for Da-song, the park’s youngest son. Ki-Jung accuses Mr. Park’s driver, Yoon, of having sex in the car and recommends that Ki-taek replace him. Eventually, Chung-sook takes over as Park’s housekeeper after the Kims exploited longtime housekeeper Moon-gwang’s peach allergy to convince Ms. Park that she has tuberculosis. Ki-woo begins a secret love affair with Da-Hye.

When the parks go camping, the Kims indulge in the luxury of their residence before Moon-gwang shows up at the door and Chung-sook says she left something in the basement. She enters through a hidden entrance into an underground bunker that was created by the architect and previous owner and in which Moon-gwang’s husband Geun-sae has been secretly living for more than four years and is hiding from usurers. Chung-sook rejects Moon-gwang’s requests to help Geun-sae stay in the bunker, but the listening Kims accidentally reveal themselves. Moon-gwang films them and threatens to expose their ruse in the parks.

A heavy storm brings the parks home early, and the Kims rush to clean the house and subdue Moon-gwang and Geun-sae before returning. The Kims catch Geun-sae and Moon-gwang in the bunker. Ms. Park reveals to Chung-sook that Da-song had a traumatic experience on a previous birthday that caused seizures when she saw a “ghost,” actually Geun-sae, come out of the basement at night. Before the Kims manage to sneak out of the house, they hear Mr. Park’s casual comments that Ki-taek smells bad and that he and Mrs. Park are having sex on the couch. The Kims find their apartment flooded with sewage and have to seek refuge in a gym with other displaced persons.

The next day, Mrs. Park, with the help of the Kim family, organizes a house party for Da-song’s birthday. Ki-woo enters the bunker with the Scholar’s Stone to confront Geun-sae. Upon discovering that Moon-gwang has died of a concussion he suffered during the previous fight, he is attacked by Geun-sae, who hits his head with the stone and escapes, leaving Ki-woo in a pool of blood is in the basement. To avenge Moon-gwang, Geun-sae Ki-Jung stabs the horrified party guests with a kitchen knife. Da-song has another seizure when he sees Geun-sae, and a fight breaks out until Chung-sook fatally impales Geun-sae with a barbecue skewer. While Ki-taek tends to a Ki-Jung who is bleeding profusely, Mr. Park orders Ki-taek to take Da-song to the hospital. In the chaos, Ki-taek, seeing Mr. Parks’ disgusted reaction to Geun-sae’s smell, takes the knife and kills him. Ki-taek then escapes the scene, leaving the rest of the Kim family behind.

Weeks later, Ki-woo recovers from brain surgery. He and Chung-sook are convicted of fraud and given probation. Ki-Jung is dead and Ki-taek, wanted by the police for the murder of Mr. Park, cannot be found. Geun-sae is believed to be a homeless person, and neither his nor Ki-taek’s motives for the knife wounds are known. Ki-woo spies on the Parks house, which is now being sold to a German family who doesn’t know its history, and sees a Morse code message from a flashing light. Ki-taek, who fled through the garage into the bunker, buried Moon-gwang in the backyard and now raids the kitchen at night and turns on the light every day in the hope that Ki-woo will see him. Still living in their unique basement apartment with his mother, Ki-woo writes a letter to Ki-taek promising to make enough money to one day buy the house and reunite with his father.


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