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Are You Holding An Open House Event? Use Social Media to Promote It!

by businessian
Are You Holding An Open House Event? Use Social Media to Promote It!

Professional real estate brokers understand the importance of putting on a great open house. An open house is more than just an event; it’s an excellent opportunity to generate awareness about your listing to potential buyers.

But how can you make sure they show up? Social media is one of the most effective marketing tactics for promoting an open house. Fortunately, by following these suggestions, you can quickly use social media marketing to spread the news.

1. Create an Event Page on Facebook

Most users have their Facebook events linked to their smartphones via Facebook’s calendar integration. This allows you to keep your audience informed of the open house without having to do much legwork.

When you create a Facebook Event, you may specify the specific location where it will take place. You have the choice of inputting a street address or the name of a Facebook location.

Facebook events can also be easily linked to Facebook Live, allowing you to publicize your live stream on the event page. No matter what kind of open house event you’re planning, a Facebook event page can be a great medium to promote.

2. Make a post on Instagram

If you have a large number of followers, publishing on Instagram can be one of the most effective marketing investments you can make. With only fifteen minutes of your time, you can create a post about your open house event.

Try to discuss your listing showing and what makes the property special in the post’s caption to attract more visitors to the event. When done correctly, this can be one of the most simple lead generation efforts you can do.

3. Be active on your social media platforms at least a week before the event

As the day of your open house arrives, keep an eye on your social media profiles. This is essential because interested buyers may contact you about your open house event.

You will almost certainly receive questions about some of the information you have shared. Make sure you respond to all of them quickly and clearly in order to persuade any possible buyer to work with you.

4. Go live during the open house event

As previously stated, you have the option of broadcasting the open house event on Facebook. You may also do this through your Instagram account.

Try to cover as many things as possible, regardless of the social media network you are using. This allows your followers who did not attend the event to understand how the open house works and piques their interest in attending future events.

5. Collect the attendees’ social media accounts

Today, social media accounts are just as vital as email addresses. Within a few hours of your open house event, social media data can assist you to measure the initial outcome of your marketing effort.

Social media data collection also provides important insights into your target audience. It progressively delivers increasingly precise insights about your brand and market, allowing you to make the best use of the time and resources you put into social networking.

More importantly, acquiring the participants’ social media accounts can assist you in converting them into loyal followers. You can follow them on social media, communicate with them here and there, and personally inform them about upcoming open house events and listings.

6. Publish a post about your open house event

Going live during your open house event is insufficient because just a portion of your followers will watch the stream. This is why you need to make a post about your open house event.

It is preferable if high-quality images are taken during the event. Candid shots of you chatting with some of the attendees can assist in enhancing your image as the neighborhood’s go-to realtor.

Don’t forget to include a caption describing how much fun you had at the event. Try to tell your followers how warm the event was and include some fascinating things you witnessed during the event to make the post feel more friendly.

7. Increase the visibility of your real estate social media profile and postings

An advert targeting potential buyers in your area might help you promote your Facebook postings and event page. Set the goal of your event promotions to “Engagement.”

Also, set the ad timeframe and expense to optimize its reach. Facebook offers a daily “Estimated people reached” estimate to assist you to predict how many engagements you’re likely to achieve with your money.

Final Thoughts

Social media has dramatically altered the way we live our lives. For realtors, social media networks have become important sources of new leads and income.

Social media is an excellent tool for connecting with property buyers and expanding your business presence. Nonetheless, despite the exceptionally great statistics and efficiency, leveraging your social media for promoting your open house event can be a challenging task.

Fortunately, we now have the option to simplify things. You may create various social media materials for your real estate ad much easier and quicker by using online templates like those from PosterMyWall.

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