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7 Benefits of Utilising Email Personalisation at Its Best

by businessian
7 Benefits of Utilising Email Personalisation at Its Best

Email is one of the best ways to get your clients’ attention in today’s age. In a lot of cases, it is even more effective than even social media marketing. Many businesses are aware of the many benefits of email personalisation, but few know how to implement it properly. They might even collect the data from their customers but still don’t know how to leverage those insights.

It is a fact well known that personalised email content has the potential to generate significantly higher revenues. If you are wondering how email marketing might be the thing for your marketing campaign, you are at the right place. In this article, we will enlist some of the best-known advantages of email personalisation.

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Improves Open Rates

Customers tend to delete generic and impersonal emails or send them straight to their spam folder, especially if your email starts with ‘Dear Customer’ and has an unappealing subject line.

On the other hand, imagine an email that greets them directly with their name and presents them with an enticing offer directly in the subject line. They are much more likely to open that email and engage with them, improving your open rates greatly.

Increases Trust

Building trust with your customers might not be the easiest feat you’ll have to achieve. As essential it is to the business process, it might come with its own set of challenges. Your first step might be to immediately stop with the bulk emails, and you’ll be on your way to being more respected.

Bulk emails, apart from being unhelpful, are straight-up annoying to the customer. If the customer feels that you’re not adding any value to their day, they will not think of you as a credible company and not give you their trust in return.

Cultivates Relationships

Building up from the above point, healthy relationships with customers are a must for successful business endeavours. Customers like to witness stories that they resonate with, and businesses need to cater to this need. If customers feel connected with your company, they are more likely to buy from you, impacting your sales revenue.

You can begin by offering targeted product or service recommendations based on the customers’ buying patterns and history. Apart from refresh review, email personalisation is an effective tool for ensuring customer retention.

Enhances Engagement

To get greater engagement on your content, you need to move beyond the subject line. The subject line is enough to get the customer to open it, but what next? Make sure to write a riveting piece of content to get that attention. Your content can also include blocks of text interspersed with images at regular intervals for better visuals and aesthetics. Also, add appropriate links in the email and don’t forget to include the links to your website and social media handles. If you have hired a third-party agency, always inquire about their email marketing agency pricing beforehand.

Reduces Costs

Compared to most other forms of marketing, email personalised is a far less pricey method to reap great commercial benefits. The ROI obtained from personalised email is high if we look at the effort companies have to make. Just create valuable content based on the customers’ inline behaviour or demographics, and you’ll be good to go.

You can even choose to automate simple tasks so that you have more time on your hands for ones that need more time and attention.

Nurtures Leads

The fastest way to achieve lead nurturing is by delivering high-quality content to your customers. If you personalise content according to every person on your list, you are bound to make stronger connections and get more qualified leads. Ensure that you personalise your emails by topic and how far along the lead is in the sales/marketing funnel.

As a rule of thumb, companies show general content to the top of the funnel and specific content to those further down.

Betters Client Satisfaction

If a customer is given a relevant offer, they can’t say no, and they will be keener on buying that product or service. Any reader will get annoyed when they witness impersonal content. On the other hand, if they are more pleased with the experience, they will probably share their positive feedback. You can leverage this for future use as a reference point for something that worked for your email campaign. Keep in mind that you have to add value at the end of the day with a personal touch. This factor will be a win-win situation for both your company and the client.

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