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Content marketing strategy for the financial market – 2024

by businessian
Content marketing strategy for the financial market

Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy can be adapted to any segment to bring real results to companies. Learn about the particularities of this digital methodology for the financial market.

Content Marketing is a strategy that allows companies to create their audiences from the development and distribution of relevant content that attracts, informs, educates, inspires, and entertains the public to generate qualified business opportunities.

Content Marketing is one of the Digital Marketing strategies with the best ROI for companies, regardless of the sector in which they develop their economic activity.

In the financial market, educational content on finance and related topics are one of these services‘ consumers’ main demands.

That is why it is vital to identify the content opportunities that bring you closer to leads and customers to increase, in this way, their confidence in your services and, consequently, close more sales.

We are going to analyze, then, the particularities of Content Marketing for the financial market.

Is it essential to do Content Marketing for the financial market?

Implementing a Content Marketing strategy for the financial market has some peculiarities.

First, the financial sector operates in a complex environment, delimited by each country’s regulations (economic changes, such as global recessions) and the digital transformation with the arrival of Big Data, AI, and the digitization of services.

Second, the topics that financial marketers must work with are highly technical, so creating content for the industry can seem challenging.

However, there is a shortage of content in front of an audience that demands more about finance and security in transactions and ventures when confidence in financial markets is in crisis.

For this reason, companies that were ahead of time to incorporate this strategy are seeing more benefits compared to those that do not.

In fact, according to The Advisor Coach, 61% of financial services marketers say that implementing a content strategy has helped them generate traffic and establish a relationship with their customers.

Following these results, 72% of financial companies plan to increase their content marketing budget in the next year.

Content planning is the structure by which your company determines which content initiatives to execute and when. It’s all about processes and workflows.

It shows the importance of content for financial services clients.

Through it, consumers can update themselves, discover how to manage healthy finances, understand complex concepts, learn to make difficult decisions, etc.

Advantages of Content Marketing for the financial market

As we said, companies in the financial sector that have already carried out a content strategy reported a series of benefits for their businesses.

Below we describe some of them following the results of a Brandpoint study.

Brand credibility

69.8% of the companies surveyed showed a considerable improvement in brand recognition and their relationship with customers thanks to Content Marketing.

Through educational content, a brand can gain notoriety and stand out in its consumers’ minds, even positioning itself as a benchmark in providing financial services.

Digital visibility

Reaching a planned audience was the most perceived benefit of 62% of companies. By improving their presence on digital channels, they increase their presence on the Internet.

Looking for the top positions in search engine results, being cited on authoritative websites, increasing the subscriber base, and maintaining a good rise in online reputation, financial companies’ digital visibility create relevant content.

Qualified leads

61% of the companies surveyed consider the increase in website traffic as the most significant benefit of implementing a Content Marketing strategy for the financial market.

Consequently, 45.2% believe that lead generation was the variable that most benefited from the strategy.

And it makes sense, as attracting higher-quality traffic leads to better lead capture, especially when working with a documented strategy.

Long-term authority

Addressing the issues that no other company dares to explain to its clients positions us as an authority.

60.5% of companies believe that building a relationship with the customer is the most significant benefit of Content Marketing for financial markets.

People become clients of companies they trust, who are sure of what they do.

And this is even more relevant for the financial market!

Due to the sector’s specialization, clients want to be sure that they are depositing their money in the right place, and content production can give them that confidence.

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