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Design issues affecting website performance [2023]

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Design issues affecting website performance

Design Issues

Design is undoubtedly a necessary element to have useful websites; however, this can also be very damaging if not appropriately managed. Considering design issues important because 94 % of users form a first impression of a site taking the design as a reference, this as highlighted by the InVision firm, therefore, to prevent inappropriate images and bad results, we share below some problems to avoid design issues damaging the performance of the website.

What aspects to consider so as not to affect the performance of the website?


Speed ​​is not an issue that designers manage, but one that can affect their work. Many design aspects can reduce the web site’s performance, such as non-optimized images, lack of chacha, a slow host with limited capabilities, many plugins and add-ons, lack of depreciation. And compression excess of flash elements, etc.

The most advisable thing to deal with this first problem with the design is to go to platforms such as Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights; with this particular tool, it is easy to identify the issues, referring to speed site experiences. You can also follow the recommendations issued across the platform to increase speed. Remember that loading time can cause people to leave your site immediately when it is too long.


A poor choice of colors is also the wrong way to go if your website performs well. Colors are the second element that visitors notice after loading speed, and this is a concept that can intervene in the credibility of your brand and the site. According to Kinesis Inc, 75 percent of consumers judge credibility based on the site’s visual design.

Choosing ugly or shocking colors can increase your site’s bounce rate and decrease your conversion rate. It is best to go for the simple design sticking to 1 or 2 primary colors on the site. Choosing options that do not clash or look bad together. Remember that color can also influence people psychologically.

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Website performance may also be affected if this space has a theme that is “expired.” If your site looks like it came out of the 90s or another era. It may not positively impact visitors. Up to 38 percent of people say they would stop interacting with a site if the content or template is unappealing and old.

An outdated theme can give the impression that the content is also obsolete and therefore not worth the consumer; it also gives the image and is likely that it cannot be adapted to the screens for the different aspect ratios and is not responsive.

Select a responsive theme. With this, the adaptation to the sizes of any screen will be automatic.


As a four design problem, lack of clarity is another aspect that hurts website performance.

When someone checks your site for the first time, they are highly likely looking for something and want to see if you have what they need. If your site doesn’t convey its key messages, people will leave this space without hesitation. In this case. The introductory statements are what problem can you solve and who is the ideal customer or consumer for the product or service.

To prevent this problem, you should focus on cohesion within the entire site. Texts, images, and other visual elements must convey what it is you do and for whom.


Pop-ups or pop-ups are undoubtedly one of the most annoying elements that a site can include, especially when they are not relevant. So you must work carefully not to affect the website’s performance. If your site contains many pop-ups that show up before people hit the site, you’re creating one of the worst possible user experiences.

Pop-up and autoplay videos, deceptive links, and intracontent are among the most annoying websites. So determine the most suitable times to work with them.

In the particular case of a pop-up, it is ideal to wait until you have already established the brand’s value to start showing them. Try not to be intrusive.

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