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Design process to achieve success in digital products

Design process to achieve success in digital products

Digital Products Designing

We all know websites, apps, and video games that triumph like foam in two days, such as Angry Birds, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., on the other hand, others find it challenging to become relatively well known. Some that we have all used have ended up disappearing, such as the forgotten Messenger, Terra’s chat, etc.

One of the reasons some are successful and others is that the former works to use them. Before design what they are going to do, they think about who will use it and what use they are going to give it. Then they create the product with those people in mind.

This way of working and designing digital products is known as User Experience, or User Experience, which ensures that the entire relationship between the person and the digital product is positive.

A product to offer a good user experience must be useful, usable, comfortable to use, and desirable, a pleasant product that adds value. And all these qualities must be for that person to whom we want to offer our work, not only for ourselves. Knowing how to put yourself in the shoes of the person who is going to use it is vital for the web’s success since a person accustomed to the digital environment is not the same as one who the only digital thing he likes to use is his phone. First, you will know how to navigate without reading instructions or steps on a website. Intuitively, you will be able to get to what you want faster; the second, on the other hand, will be slower, and hesitate more before clicking on any section.

In the end, usability is vital since it works with Roi, that is, to the Return on Investment. The more “usable,” useful, and desirable a website, an app, etc., the easier it will achieve your goal. Here is a tool for you to calculate the ROI of your digital products:

Six phases necessary steps to follow while carrying out the design process to achieve success in digital products.

Investigate: you have to be very clear about the objectives pursued by the business and the users. We have to know them, tastes, needs, and desires.

Concept: we put order to the information we have found in the previous stage, making our objectives clear, SWOT analysis (Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths, Opportunities), the user, and their needs. Once we have clear information, we have to choose what we will use in the digital product to understand and handle it. In this phase, we only work with the data.

Design: The interface or screen design takes place first, where the user can interact with it. Then we would have to design the graphic part, which is the most moving part with the textures, images, etc. so that everything is in line.

Evaluate: We evaluate whether the design carried out is ideal for achieving the proposed objectives through various techniques. Some of the methods run in the laboratory, or remote user tests, heuristic evaluations, etc. Another way would be to carry out a set of techniques to give the client voice through a “Voc” program. Or “Collection of the Voice of the Customer,” like the one you can learn in Doeua’s Superior Customer Experience Program.

Develop: With the information, we have obtained in the evaluation, we implement and begin to develop the product itself.

Measure: through a Voice of the Customer collection program, we analyze digital behavior; that is, we measure the digital product with data on user behavior.

Review Design process to achieve success in digital products.

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