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E-commerce – How electronic trade will be in the future

E-commerce – How electronic trade will be in the future


The inevitable speed of new technologies and the redefinition of the sales processes of multiple companies and businesses (by the global health emergency that we are experiencing) caused an exponential growth of E-commerce on time.

According to statistics from the National Observatory of Telecommunications and the Information Society, the total volume of electronic commerce business in Spain is growing at an annual rate of 25%. Logistics and distribution will be crucial aspects that will determine the future of electronic commerce. Buying online reveals valuable data on trends, consumption habits, and sociodemographic profiles of users, fundamental for defining and implementing marketing strategies.

Evolution of electronic commerce

Electronic commerce was born in 1960 with the arrival of EDI: Electronic Data Interchange, a system that allowed companies to carry out electronic transactions and commercial exchange information.


In 1984 the ever first online purchase happened: a 72-year-old British lady was the forerunner, who placed an order from a supermarket; how? A list of products that were shown on television and connected to a computer received the signal.

However, the real leap of electronic commerce started in the 90s, the rage and the emergence of dotcoms, a step to advertising advertisements and community contacts on the internet.

The 21st century and the future that it holds.

Electronic commerce’s future looks promising. There will come a time where customers will consider online sales as good as offline purchases. Moreover, Users will recognize advantages that will be key to their purchase decision. The offline world (physical stores) will not offer them, such as 24-hour availability or the knowledge of different reviews about the product by other buyers.

The growth of the number of Internet users globally reveals how electronic commerce grows exponentially. It is taking at a dizzying rate with multiple changes accompanied by technological advances.

By the year 2019, e-commerce reaches 75% of all internet users (worldwide). And at the European level, 60% of internet users have ever made online purchases.

Furthermore, at the local level, electronic commerce represents a business volume for our country of 41,509 million euros.

The future of e-commerce

However, to know the future of online shopping, we must closely follow the great Asian giant’s footsteps, specifically China. Since, it is the country that reflects the latest trends in electronic commerce. It determines the consumption habits will export to the rest of the world. We already know that the Smartphone has become the most common shopping tool used by consumers. This prediction was made by china several years ago.

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