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E-commerce – Tips to attract customers & boost sales [2023]

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Augmented reality in E-commerce

Adding digital content to physical reality merges both elements. However, a strong trend in e-commerce is augmented reality to display products. As in the case with so-called “virtual fitting rooms,” a simulation that allows the selected items to check through the camera. It enables us to see real-size products that are not available. We get more information about them and even try them without purchasing them. Like the case of the Sephora brand that has a system that allows you to test multiple colors of lipstick on a person using only their photo. It is one of the popular trends in E-commerce. There are numerous modifications to its uses.  Many online stores and Online video editor are making applications that allow users to test furniture in the home itself. In IKEA, it is possible to try the furniture in the different spaces of the home through camera.

M-commerce is a part of E-commerce

It is about electronic commerce that uses the mobile phone as the primary tool for purchasing. Therefore, smartphones become the real protagonists of online shopping, as more than 50% of the world’s electronic commerce volume works through mobile phones. Marketing strategies take a close look at the protagonist and design strategies based on the phones’ usability: they analyze and study visibility on said platform, the movements we make with our fingers, compatibility with all devices, the conversion generated, test A / B, etc.

Social networks – crucial trend of E-commerce

Likewise, the benefits of social networks in e-commerce are many: they help enhance the brand image, allow you to make announcements about products and services, improve SEO positioning in searches, humanize company-customer communication, favor the shopping experience, among many. Moreover, fair use of them will allow us to generate quality relationships with users, and we will be able to attract customers and boost sales.

Big Data strategies to E-commerce

However, to apply Big Data strategies to E-commerce, we must be clear about the information about the data generated by our company. So that we can regroup and centralize them. Therefore, it is crucial to detect the relevant areas in which Big Data works: a database of products, services, customers, logistics, user experience, customer service, pricing policy, and marketing. It is about detecting the opportunity that Big Data offers us; access to our most valuable information will help us make decisions quickly and efficiently.

Artificial intelligence in E – commerce

Since, technological advances make it possible to optimize online purchasing processes and enrich the user experience. And also, AI has a full impact on electronic commerce. It encompasses three areas of improvement with its development and application.

1. Personalized user experience (allows companies to react in advance and sometimes automatically).

  1. customer service (the famous chatbots allow interaction with users through an acquired language guide their passage through the trade)
  2. logistics (through predictive analysis, we can determine what the user is going to buy. Therefore we can react well in advance of its delivery).

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