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5 Ways To Enter The Manufacturing Industry [2023]

by businessian
5 Ways To Enter The Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is a great place to work. The pay is competitive, and there’s a substantial opportunity for skill and career advancement. Plus, even if you’re not technical or mechanical by nature, you can still make it into manufacturing. You need to be willing to learn on the job and put your best foot forward. That said, here are five ways that you can enter the manufacturing industry.

Assemble a certificate program

Certificate programs are shorter than degrees and can be completed in a year or two, depending on how much time you want to study. They’re also often cheaper than degrees, which makes them ideal for people who need more training but don’t want to take on a huge student loan debt.

Many institutions, such as community colleges, offer training programs online, making it easy to fit education into your busy life schedule and start working with manufacturing technology as soon as possible.

Work your way up from an entry-level job

The best way to learn about the manufacturing industry is by working in it. If you’re looking for an entry-level job, consider becoming a maintenance technician. Maintenance technicians ensure that machines are functioning correctly, so they must know how to operate them and troubleshoot when problems arise.

The great thing about the manufacturing industry is that you will never stop learning, even when you’re on the job, as there are articles that share information on the industry. They are often up-to-date and filled with topics that will help you if you encounter an issue. You can read and learn about almost anything imaginable online – even down to the finer pieces of equipment or the smallest of processes.

For example, say you need to learn how to read a pump curve – you can check out a full article on that topic, as well as any other you could possibly think up. The point is that these articles are widespread and talk about anything and everything within this sector. They can also help you to keep on top of the changing trends within the industry. Never stop reading and learning; that way, you can improve your chances of working your way to the top.

Find employment through an apprenticeship

If you’re new to manufacturing and are looking for a way to get your foot in the door, an apprenticeship might be just what you need. Apprenticeships are excellent for students or graduates who want an entry-level job without paying for expensive training programs. In addition, internships like these provide on-the-job training and sometimes even college credits, so they can be very helpful in getting your career started.

You’ll want to ensure that future employers offer high-quality internships that will help launch your career by giving them experience with real-world projects and challenges that mirror real-life situations within the industry.

Get started as a technician

Working as a technician means you can work on the production floor and complete tasks requiring technical knowledge. You will be required to work with machinery and other equipment and learn about the materials you are working with. Your main responsibility will be ensuring that all products being produced meet quality standards by inspecting them before they leave the factory.

Technicians may also be asked to perform maintenance work on machinery or equipment, including routine safety systems checks such as fire alarms or sprinklers, in case of issues, if necessary.


As you can see, there are many different ways to enter the manufacturing industry. Many options are available for those looking to get started, whether through an apprenticeship or certificate program. If you want more information on how these programs work, you can search online and get yourself on the road to starting your manufacturing career.

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