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Goals of Implementation of Lean Project Management

Goals of Implementation of Lean Project Management

Lean project management – If you strive to ensure that any projects in your company are completed as quickly as possible, without errors and alterations. Do you want the projects being implemented to stay within the budget and bring at least 5 rubles for each ruble invested? Do you want your company to have a team of lean projects management professionals capable of implementing any project from idea to result with maximum return on investment. Then pay attention to the Lean Project Management ( ( of Lean Rroject Management) technology and flexible project management the Agile .

What is Agile Lean Project Management?

Everyone knows the methods of classical project management: network schedule, critical chain method, Gantt diagram, “drum-buffer-rope”, etc. But as practice shows, more than 50% of such projects are implemented with a shift in terms, an increase in the budget, a lot of errors, imperfections, alterations and the conclusion of a “raw” product that requires a lot of improvements. Often, the result is simply a failure of a “brilliant” project with “holes” playing and a lot of explanations to the management and the customer, supposedly it should be so and someone else is to blame, but not us !!!

Why it happens? Classical methods are based on project plan management. Employees spend a lot of time drawing up a detailed plan with deadlines for completing each stage, responsible persons and co-executors. And as soon as the plan is drawn up, adjustments begin, the number of meetings grows geometrically, new dates are designated, new stages appear, budgets are revised, employees leave after hours and still do not have time.

Agile tools, in contrast, are aimed at managing change during the course of the project. They allow you to flexibly rebuild plans and the course of the project to meet changing requirements and scope of work. Implementation of a project is a team work, people are not robots, someone works faster, and someone works slower, but this does not mean that someone who works slowly works badly. The main thing is the overall speed of the project team’s work and the ability to flexibly rebuild under changes! The international community has enshrined these principles in the Agile Manifesto .

Agile allows you to rethink and eliminate 2 key human factors that inhibit any work:

  1. Performer’s syndrome – when a deadline is set for the delivery of a work, the performer will always adhere to this deadline, and even if this work can be done faster, he will subconsciously “stretch” it.
  2. Student Syndrome – the completion of work is usually postponed until the last days before delivery.


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