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How to find keywords for your website – 2024

by businessian
How to find keywords for your website

Positioning yourself in the search engines and applying useful SEO techniques is one requirement that online businesses must complete. It depends on whether they can be found naturally by the Buyer Person they have devised in their Marketing Plan. One of the tasks they must perform is to find keywords for a website because, to be positioned, they must include the terms that people use to search for products or services related to your company.

If you do not apply good keyword research, you will be distancing the online project from your potential clients, or the same; you will not have enough web traffic to get leads or clients.

Critical aspects of doing your keyword research

Know the types of keywords

There are three types of keywords with which a business increases the possibility of being found organically by its audience. These are:


Those with a high search volume but are usually very general and, therefore, very difficult when it comes to positioning a business that tries to gradually scale position, for example, cars, dogs, children, men, etc.

Middle Tail words or Middle Tail:

It is a type of Keyword composed of two words. Its use brings the online business closer to its ideal clients, but it would cost a lot to the position because they have high search demand in the same way as the previous one—thin man, white cars, black dogs, etc.

Long Tail Words:

These keywords compose 3 or 4 words that generally do not have the same demand as the previous ones and represent 70% of Google searches. It means that they are the best option when it comes to setting keywords for a website.

Establish the commercial activity of your business on the Internet

It will always be useful for a business to studying its surroundings, which will help understand the atmosphere surrounding it, but it also helps to know where it is and what it must do to get where it wants to. It is no different in the digital realm; you have to learn how to adjust the old school’s teachings to the digital age resources.

We mean that to find keywords, you must first establish what your business’s focus is, what you sell, what services you provide, what is the profile of your ideal client, among other things. Giving answers to these questions can help you find keywords for your online business. For example:

What is the focus of your business? Shoes

What do you sell? Ladies shoes online

If you have it, what services do you provide? Fashion advise combining shoes

Who is your ideal client? Women between 18 to 55 years old.

As a result of this small market study, some ideas may arise to find keywords related to your online business, such as:

  • Shoes for the evening party.
  • Casual ladies’ shoes.
  • Buy sports shoes for women.
  • Fashion shoes for ladies.

In short, we could suggest an extensive list of Keywords for you to include in your online business, but the important thing is to verify that it will generate the number of visits you expect. Therefore, we will suggest to you some relatively simple techniques find keywords for your online business. Go for it!

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