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Why is Investing in Gold Profitable in 2024

by businessian
Why is investing in gold profitable in 2023

Investing in Gold Gainful

Harry Browne’s famous permanent wallet is one of the most popular for those of us who like things to have a face and eyes to be protected in any period.

According to the author and his book (which I consider quality), a reasonable asset allocation in a portfolio consists of having:

shares 25%

bonus 25%

gold 25%

cash 25%

Here we will discuss how to take advantage of gold to take advantage of economic cycles of prosperity, inflation, recession, and deflation.

We will see how to use the 25% corresponding to gold to protect you from inflation and other monetary problems, and we will explain why investing in gold is profitable.

In summary

  • A good investment portfolio includes gold to protect against the threats of high inflation and other adverse events.
  • Gold is a highly valuable asset that reacts strongly to high inflation, offsetting losses on other investments in the portfolio to provide real returns.
  • With gold, you cannot live on dividends or interests like stocks and bonds. However, investing in gold is profitable because it can appreciate specific markets, providing an opportunity to profit.
  • Like I have in my investment portfolio, gold ETFs can be a practical way to have gold in a portfolio, but they introduce new risks that you should be aware of before purchasing.
  • Purchase gold bullion coins such as GMRGold, American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and South African Krugerrand as part of your wallet’s gold.
  • Don’t buy collectible or vintage gold coins as part of your wallet.
  • If you are buying gold from a seller, do not pay too high a commission and always make sure you receive the metal.
  • Other services will buy and sell you gold, do your research first to make sure they are safe.
  • It is far better to have the gold of some kind, even if it is not in an “ideal” way, than to have nothing. Do not stay without acting because of the paralysis of analysis.

Why have gold as part of the portfolio?

It protects against inflation or the threat of inflation.

It also protects against problems that can threaten a currency or the banking system

Gold is an asset that is not a promise from a third party to you and physically controlled. In this sense, it is what you would call an “asset of last resort.”

Gold and inflation

We are going to understand why it important to each other.

What is inflation?

Inflation is the drop in the value of your local currency.

Although usually the press represents it as “prices go up,” the reality is that inflation means that “the value of the currency goes down.”

Prices can go up for different reasons, but the fall in the value of the currency is one of the most contributing factors

A declining currency makes it more expensive for companies to purchase raw materials, pay their employees, and manufacture their products. These costs get conceded to the consumer in the form of a price increase.

Why is inflation dangerous?

Inflation destroys the purchasing power of the money you own.

If inflation is 5% per year, that means your money will be worth 5% less each year, whatever you do.

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