What is Matka, and how can you play it online

The system of gambling and lottery is not new to India, and Satta Matka is one of the oldest lottery forms that became popular in the 1950s. Now, with the advent of digital media and state restrictions on physical gambling, people have turned to online platforms to try out their luck and make some extra money. The Public Gamblings Act of 1857 that bans gambling is silent on online betting, making it a profitable gray area.

History of Satta Matka

After Independence, when the country was in turmoil, everyone was looking to make some extra money off their luck. Therefore, people started betting on the opening and closing rate of the imported cotton from the USA. The cotton rates were updated through the Bombay Stock Exchange, and accordingly, bets were placed.

However, when the NYSE stopped updating the shipping price, this form of gambling came to an end, and people started looking for viable alternatives. This was when the Satta Matka was born. “Satta” means a bet, and “Matka” means pot. Now, people would pick their desired number combinations and place bets on the order of appearance.

A random person would be called and asked to draw numbers from the “Matka” or the pot. Then depending upon the number of matches, the winner would be declared to take the bet money. This lottery game became so popular among the masses that between the 1970s and 1990s, a huge volume of lottery transactions took place, and the government ordered a crackdown.

This was when Ratan Khatri, a well-known “Matka King,” had started running an organized gambling network and “Satta Bazars.” If you wanted to play the lottery, you had to go to Satta bazaars and place your bets with the bookies. After the 90s, this system disappeared completely, and the Satta lottery disappeared from the market.

However, when the internet became popular and online payment platforms flourished, several stake-based games began to appear, and one of them was online Satta Matka. The ease and efficiency of placing bets online made it easier for more and more people to participate. Therefore, the prize pool also grew by a lot, and now they run over a hundred million, which have increased the winning odds.

The competition in the online betting world is constantly growing, with more and more websites with multiple pools and games coming up. Satta Matka online here gives the customers a lot of options and incentives and helps them understand the game. Many sites offer some sort of virtual coins free of cost, which can then play mock games and understand all the nuances risk-free. This facility wasn’t available in the olden days when the money placed was gone if you didn’t know the game.

How to play Satta Matka?

In Satta Matka, you get to pick up a combination of three digits from 0-9. Now, the three digits are summed together, and the last digit of the sum is taken as the fourth digit. If you choose 1,2,3, then the sum would be six, and your first final combination would look somewhat like 1,2,4,*6. Now, you will be given a chance to pick out another combination of digits. Say you pick 4,5,6; the sum of these three would be 15. Therefore, your other final combination would be 4,5,6*5. The overall digit combination would be 1,2,3,*6 X 4,5,6 * 5.

Now, you can bet on the selection and outcome. In this instance, your first selection would be six, and the second selection would be 5. The range of bets depends upon the site rules and pool money. If you place your bet on the first selection, you may end up with nine times your money.

Matka also has some crazy payouts depending upon the rarity of the combination. For example, “Jodi” is the combination of the two selections, and if you get a draw for Jodi, you may end up with 999 times your money.

How do the payouts work?

The payouts in this format are simple, you just have to put in your bank details, and the winning amount will be credited immediately. Now, several wallets have tied up with these online sites to get your payouts in these wallets if you are not comfortable giving out your bank details.

The site commission is just 5% in case you end up winning the lot. The rest of the ticket amount goes into the pool, and it is a very transparent process.


Lottery games are really fun and entertaining and a good way to earn some side money with minimum work. You must be aware of the financial risks involved in the lottery games and play accordingly. Always calculate the risk-reward ratio and the total loss you can bear. Knowing when to leave the game is equally important as winning. Be very calculative and analytical to minimize your risk of playing the game for a long time.

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