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Money Line Write for Us

Money Line Write for us

Money lines are the most basic bets you can make on a game. It is a bet on the outcome of the game. This can be the tennis match winner, which fighter will win in a boxing match, or which team will win in a game of any team sport. For the most part, it is a two-way bet, but there are also sports with three possible outcomes. In football, for example, matches can end in draws. For games in these sports, you can bet on team A to win, team B to win, or the game ending without a winner. Otherwise, it’s a simple case of Team A (or Player A) or Team B (or Player B) winning.

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How does a Money Line Work?

A pay line with American odds is about winning or placing a $100 bet on a given bet. When betting on a favorite: Odds for favorites will have a disadvantage sign (-) in front and designate the money needed to risk winning $100. When betting on an underdog, Odds for underdogs will consume a plus sign (+ ) in front and designate the money you will win for every $100 risk taken.

    • Fighter Odds Wager Amount To Win
    • Khabib -290 $2.90 $1
    • Ferguson +230 $1 $2.30.

How Can They Be Used?

Sometimes, your instincts will scream at you to accept a fantastic offer. The odds can be enormous if a team performs poorly and suddenly faces a formidable opponent. You may feel that the team will surprise everyone and overcome the favorites. This may be due to newfound inspiration or simply a refusal to lose to the team leading the league or division.

How to Calculate Money Line Odds?

Sportsbook will always do the math for you. But if you want to calculate money line payouts yourself, here’s the easiest way:
Preferred: Multiply the amount you want to win by (Money line / 100). So if you’re going to win $35 by betting Khabib at -290, you would do the following formula and arrive at a bet of $101.50: Win amount x (( -1 x Money line) / 100) = $35 x 2.9 bet = $101.5
Underdog: Multiply your bet by (Money line / 100) or divide the sum you want to win by (100 / (100 / Money line)). So, to win $100 on Ferguson, you would do the following and arrive at a bet of $43.48: Win Amount / (230/100) = $100 bet / 2.3 = $43.48.

Why Should I Bet a Money Line?

The money line is the most popular bet in low-scoring sports like baseball and hockey. The spread is the most popular in high-scoring sports like football and basketball.

  • But the money line is a good alternative if you
  • Think that the loser will win the game directly
  • Think the favorite will win, but don’t cover the spread
  • This is an oversimplification, but these are usually two reasons people bet for money.
  • Money line bets apply to any forward market, such as Super Bowl winner bets before the season.
  • All 32 teams have a winning line that matches their probability of winning the Super Bowl.

Is Juice on a Money Line?

The juice is the odds a bookmaker takes on each bet, and there’s juice on the money line. It is the gap between two money lines. After all, bookmakers don’t let you off the hook that easily. That’s why you have to risk more to bet on a favorite than you would win by betting on the underdog.
Take this hypothetical Duke-Kentucky college basketball game where Duke is a 2.5-point favorite. Here’s what the money lines might look like.

  • Duke -140
  • Kentucky +120

The Duke’s implied probability of winning is 58.33%. For Kentucky, it is 45.45%. This equates to 103.8%, meaning the bookmaker has a 3.8% take on this bet.

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