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8 Reasons Product Packaging Is Crucial For Business [2024]

by businessian
8 Reasons Product Packaging Is Crucial For Your E-Commerce Business

Product Packaging Is Crucial For Your Business

Imagine ordering online what you want and having it delivered to your doorsteps. You open the package, take out the product, and then get disappointed with how it was packaged. Even though the product is fine and the quality is what you just expected, your first impression of it isn’t that great because of its packaging. The result? You’ll probably leave an average review for the product and probably never buy from that company again running this business.

Some E-commerce businesses think they can get away without good packaging because their products are good. But the truth is, packaging can make or break a business. For one, it gives more value to the product, and it’s an added touch that can provide the customer a good first impression of your products.

Below are some of the reasons why product packaging is important and why you need to invest in it:

1. Give Your Customers Some Privacy

When packages aren’t properly sealed or packed, others will be able to see what’s inside the box without even opening it. For example, if you’re selling expensive commodities, such as jewelry, it would be best for you to use a box or wrapping with tape that’s hard to open and can’t easily be opened by accident.

Thus, boxes, bubble wraps, and more from Stanley packaging and other suppliers will give the customer some privacy, especially if you’re selling intimate products or commodities.

2. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Portrait smiling woman in summer dress, straw hat holding packages bagsWhen the customers open their orders, they want to receive their products neatly packed with no signs of damages, dents, and scratches. Receiving a damaged order is frustrating, especially when you’re planning to give the product as a gift to someone special.

Satisfied customers will become loyal customers. If you want more sales, give your customers a good reason to stay loyal and buy from you again. One way to do this is to ensure that the products are appropriately packaged with no signs of damage.

3. Mentioned During Reviews

Customers appreciate receiving their orders with good packaging so much that when they leave a review about your product, they cannot help but mention how great the packaging is. On the contrary, if they received poorly packaged items, they’ll surely leave a negative review.

Imagine how frustrating it is to receive negative reviews just because your quality items aren’t packed well. Don’t ruin your business reputation just because of bad packaging.

4. Advertise For Free

People who are active on social media sites always like to share their lives with others, including the Instagramable products they buy. When your customers share their new items on these social media platforms, it’s an effectively low to no-cost advertising because more people will see your product in total strangers’ posts. They might also be interested in your business just from seeing what your customer bought. They’ll then decide to check your business out and possibly buy from you.

5. Differentiates Your Product

When other businesses have similar products as yours, your packaging can help you stand out from the competition. It allows you to describe your product differently and show what makes it so unique from others. Doing so impresses your customers and gives them a good reason to buy your product over similar products because it has that added value.

6. Avoid Returns Because Of Damaged Items

Plastic wrap with big bubbles in carton box

Plastic wrap with big bubbles in carton box

When customers receive their orders in a damaged and poorly packed box, they’ll most likely return it to your business. You’d still get the item, but the cost of your customer’s return shipment might be deducted from your business.

So, if you can avoid returns by keeping your products well packaged and received safely by the customers, then why not do so?

7. Brand Awareness

You can also use your packaging as an advertising tool to boost brand awareness for your business, especially if you’re selling products made or branded by you. With the help of the product packaging, you get to use your logo, slogan, and other details for your branding strategy.

8. Product Information On Packaging May Influence Buying Decisions

If you packed your product with a description of its benefits and other information about the item inside that’s relevant to customers, the chances of them buying it will be much higher.

Business owners may print nutritional facts for food products, information about the product’s use, and other essential details on their packaging to make it easier for their customers to decide whether or not they need the item or not.

Final Words

In summary, good packaging is crucial for your e-commerce business because a properly packaged product conveys trust and professionalism to the customer. It makes them confident that they’re dealing with a responsible merchant who won’t waste their time or money.

If you want to increase your chances of making more sales and improve your brand reputation, then don’t underestimate the power of product packaging.

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