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Sales & Marketing Team – 5 keys in selecting your sales team

by businessian
Sales and Marketing Team - Five keys for selecting your sales team



Your sales and marketing team together make up the heart of your company. It is there where you generate the money inflows of your company for future projects. That is why your sales and marketing team fair recruitment is vital to guarantee success and avoid investing time and money in candidates who do not have what it takes to sell.

Hiring the wrong person can cost you up to twice the employee’s annual salary, not to mention the losses involved in all the sales that your company did not make for this reason and not counting the wrong work environment that it can generate. In this case, it is necessary to start the recruitment process in the best way.

Identifying the best salespeople goes beyond choosing people who know how to negotiate or persuade. We want to present you with the golden rules to have a specialized sales team representing your brand and is a spokesperson for your message.

Know your buyer persona.

Before starting your recruitment process, you must define the market segment in detail to which you are going to offer your products or services. It will help you to know the profile of the seller you need. Divide your customers into two initial categories: traditional and digital.

Traditional customers.

They are the most persuasive when a salesperson knows how to present the product with an attitude and clarifies all the concerns you may have. They do not usually show interest initially by not knowing what you offer, so the seller must have a lot of tolerance and learn how to handle stress.

Digital clients.

They can get to know a lot of information about the product because they know what they need. In this case, the ideal salesperson should quickly identify the customer’s profile and needs, offering the product the solution to any problem.

Customer serviceability is very important.

You don’t want commercials that look like robots or have their message delivered automatically. Remember that it is about people selling to people, so a salesperson’s attitude must focus on service and good communication. For this, you must take into account:

That is sociable and does not mind interacting with people.

Your ability to listen.

The doubts, concerns, or needs will condition all the information you will need to sell your product or service that the client communicates. Paying attention to these little facts can make the difference between making the sale or losing it.

Your empathy. An essential quality in your sales team; it will help your sales representatives identify the best way to approach customers. It also allows them to show genuine interest in their needs, helping them better communicate with prospects.

His way of talking. It must inspire trust and loyalty since customers are very intuitive when they identify a salesperson who only wants to sell a product, predisposing them to respond negatively.

Seeks adaptability to new technologies.

For your sales team to be genuinely efficient, there needs to be timely communication between its members and the rest of the departments with which it interacts. To foster this, digital tools for managing customer relationships, CRM, have been created.

Previously, salespeople could not capture much of a potential customer’s critical data after a visit. However, with the use of CRM Software, it is much easier to collect data, process it, and convert it into valuable information for your reports and future decisions for the company.

In this case, your salespeople should master new technologies so that they can work with CRM, sales software, cash, or marketing. Identify applicants who are technologically up-to-date, as they will bring quality and speed to the entire sales process.

Identify your organizational orientation.

The members of your sales team can analyze data and follow procedures. Even with the help of technology, salespeople must know how to interpret information related to customers and reach conclusions that help them sell.

Among other qualities related to organizational orientation, they must:

  • Be able to provide improved solutions to the company.
  • Manage reports and administrative tasks in order.
  • Differentiate yourself from the rest by taking care of the little details during the sale.
  • Get rich in the industry to which the product you sell belongs.
  • Be organized. It is an essential quality for salespeople as they take an order and have to follow up.
  • Ability to understand your company.

  • In sales and marketing team, every good salesperson must have in their repertoire of sales arguments the reasons why your product or service differs from the competition. In that case, you must know how to identify the what, how, and why of your company.
  • What. Beyond what the company sells, it is about what it represents and distributes to customers. For example, anyone could say that Rolex is a brand that sells watches, but in reality, it sells status, elegance, and quality.
  • How. How to make a product or service look attractive to the customer. Glovo, a Spanish startup that differs from other similar services in handling home deliveries.
  • Why. What is the purpose of your company? For example, Apple is a company that not only offers cutting-edge designs, but all of its devices work towards being functional and helping users organize their tasks and get the most out of their technology.

Successful commercials sell from the ‘why’ since that is where your company’s value proposition lies, and the customer can understand how some aspect of their life would improve after buying your product or service.

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