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U.S. Official’s Advice To India Over Russian Oil Purchase

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U.S. Official's Advice To India Over Russian Oil Purchase

No Time For Business With Putin… U.S. Official’s Advice To India

Ahead of the G20 Summit, a US official has advised India on its Russian oil purchase. John Kirby, National Security Council spokesperson, said that “this is no time to do business with Russia and President Vladimir Putin as usual.” He added that “every country has the right to buy oil from any country it wants,” but that India’s purchases of Russian oil are “helping to prop up the Russian economy and military.”

Kirby’s comments come as India has been increasing its imports of Russian oil in recent months. India is the world’s third-largest oil importer, and Russia is its second-largest supplier. India has said that it is buying Russian oil at a discounted price and that it needs to ensure its energy security.

The US has not imposed sanctions on India for its purchases of Russian oil, but it has urged India to reconsider its position. The US argues that India’s continued purchases of Russian oil are helping to fund Russia’s war effort in Ukraine.

It remains to be seen how India will respond to the US’s pressure. However, it is clear that the issue of Russian oil is a major challenge to the US-India relationship.

Here are Some Additional Things to Consider

  • The US and India are strategic partners, but they have different views on the Russia-Ukraine war. The US has imposed harsh sanctions on Russia, while India has refrained from voting on UN resolutions condemning Russia’s actions.
  • India is a developing country with a large population. It needs to ensure that it has access to affordable energy. Russian oil is available at a discounted price, which is attractive to India.
  • The US is also a major oil producer. It could potentially increase its oil exports to India, but this would require investment in new production facilities.

The situation is complex and there is no easy answer. It is likely that the US and India will continue to discuss the issue of Russian oil in the coming months.

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