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3 Ways To Improve Business Productivity [2024]

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3 Ways To Improve Business Productivity

When it comes to running and operating your Improve Business Productivity, one of the most important metrics always to strive for is increased productivity. There’s nothing that makes a business sloppy and inefficient than one that isn’t productive. It matters not the number of hours that employees do work, but how those hours are maximized, without sacrificing the quality of the output.

That said, if there’s any change in your business operations you’d like to make for this year, productivity should be on top of your list. With the pressure from clients to produce more and to keep up with the competition, productivity is one of the best ways to meet those demands.

As a quick guide, here are three ways on how you can improve your business productivity:

1. Use Technology To Your Advantage

Creative young businesspeople working on business projects in the office

Creative young businesspeople working on business projects in the office

Investing in technology for your business may mean using up company resources. But this is an investment that brings in better returns and cost-savings in the long run if, by using these technologies, you’re more efficient with your practices.

Think of those tasks that you’ve still been doing manually that you can now automate. An accounting software, for example, helps in spending and accounting automation that is very beneficial to monitor your expenses and automating invoice payments, keeping your financial records in one place. Or, perhaps there are equipment and gadgets you can install to improve workflow. For instance, you can simplify and streamline workflows with desktop scanners and online communication tools, among others.

The right technology to use for your business will depend on your needs and the kind of business you have. So, factor this in as well. In this way, you can save yourself the financial expense and losses of investing in technology that’s simply a mismatch to the kind of business you have.

2. Do The Heavy Lifting In Tasks When You’re At Your Best

Make it a part of company culture to do the heavy lifting in tasks when they’re at their best. By heavy lifting, this doesn’t mean physical lifting per se. Rather, it refers to doing first all the tasks that are bigger in terms of mental load. Or, tasks that are waving hello with a fast-coming deadline.

Don’t put off these tasks until later in the day. Typically, each of your employees would feel that their mind is at their best earlier in the morning when they haven’t exhausted a lot of work yet. They’re fresh from a relaxing sleep. When you face these heavy tasks earlier in the day, it increases the chances of you finishing them earlier, and with better quality output as well.

In this way, you still have enough time in the day to tick off the smaller tasks that aren’t as heavy mentally as the one you’ve just finished. Taking this strategy also reduces the likelihood of dragging the heavy tasks to the next day, and the next, simply because you were mentally exhausted to finish it. Or that you were already pressed for time.

3. Be Efficient

Be Efficient

Business people meeting at office writing memos on sticky notes. planning strategy and brainstorming, colleagues thinking concept

Efficiency is a key trick to achieving better productivity. And in charging up your efficiency, you’ve got to be willing to make the necessary changes in your business processes that could be hurting your business’ efficiency.

First you can start by observing the routines in your business operations. Then find areas in which you know you can change the way you’re working, in the name of better efficiency.

With that in mind, here are some tips to optimize your business’ efficiency:

  • Don’t be afraid to delegate: When you assign tasks to other members of the team, you’re maximizing their use and purpose in your business. This also frees up time you would’ve otherwise spent doing those tasks by yourself. This buys you more time to focus on doing tasks that are yet too infant or confidential to delegate.
  • Communicate effectively: Good communication is another secret to better efficiency. In fact, within the office, technology has made it easier to practice better and faster communication. With a few clicks, messages can be sent and read, rather than having to walk to the other end of the hall or to other floors just to send out a message.
  • Incentivize your teams: Incentives are a no-fail, if you see the need to boost your team’s efficiency. This isn’t something for you to give out regularly, however. After all, incentives are like bonuses. If you see the need for it, then lay out incentives to increase efficiency and productivity, or to catch up with any delays.


In business, time and employee resources matter. They are two of your best assets to ensure your business stays on top of its productivity and to keep up with the competition. Making the most out of business productivity, however, can sometimes be easier said than done.

But with the right improvements in place as you can now glean from the tips above, this is a good change you can incorporate into your business for this year. There are only so many hours in every working day, so making the most out of those hours for better productivity matters.

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