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4 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness 2024

by businessian
4 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the central pillars of marketing, and something that most businesses and organizations strive for. The routes towards increasing it might seem obvious, but if you’ve taken the time to go about each of these routes and not yet found the success that you strive for, what else is left for you to do? Well, fortunately, it might be the case that there is a much deeper pool for you to draw from.

It might be that brand awareness is much more multi-faceted than you initially believed, with different areas proving more permeable with different strategies allowing for different advantages within them.

1. Social Media Competitions

The use of social media for marketing is nothing new but wielding these platforms in a creative way can see you maximizing their potential. One such way for you to do so is to host competitions that encourage your audience to get involved, as well as to share your page and draw attention to the competition itself. Some incentive or prize might be the most realistic option for getting people involved, but the scale of these competitions can vary greatly, allowing you to trial run such an option with a smaller focus before you go all out.

2. Dedicated Campaigns

Similarly, launching your brand into a dedicated campaign can allow you to drum up enthusiasm and support for your brand in a way that can get people talking, and word spreading. The exact nature that this campaign takes will obviously vary depending on your business or organization, but something such as fundraising gives you a good reason to want to draw as much attention towards it as possible – with the goal being highly advertised. Services like Tatango.com can help you to manage a direct approach through SMS, and make it even easier for audience members to get involved.

3. Free Trials

To some, the idea of a free trial might seem detrimental to your business or brand in some way, as if it’s an act of desperation. However, it’s equally easy to see it as the opposite – a show of confidence. Providing your audiences with a free trial is not only something that’s going to be greatly appreciated by your current audience (reminding them why they follow your brand), but it gives non-audience members a chance to see what they’re missing out on. A strong first impression can encourage they come back for more once the trial period is over.

4. A Fresh Start

Perhaps what you really need to launch yourself back into the public awareness is to rebrand yourself and make a point of coming back stronger than ever. You can remove elements of your business that haven’t been working and emphasize those which have been favorable (potentially using customer feedback to guide your hand in some way). This, coupled with a fresh logo, can let your audiences know that this is a new you, and combining this re-opening with something like a free trial can help your brand to hit the ground running.

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