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Why should Real Estate Sector Invest in Digital Marketing?

by businessian
real estate sector invest in digital marketing

Digital marketing and real estate sector

Digital marketing plays a fundamental pillar in the promotion of the real estate sector. Since online search has positioned itself as a means of particular relevance, as shown by the figures from the 2019 CDM Residential Real Estate Market Report, according to which millennials (25- 34 years) are the ones that dominate the search with a 54% participation, followed by generation X (35-54 years) with 23%. This type of marketing has contributed to the acceleration of the promotion and sale of properties.

People nowadays use their computers and smartphones to find a house or apartment that best suits their expectations, and your task is to understand your potential clients’ needs. Believe it or not, many real estate companies still use traditional advertising in which they distribute flyers and place unattractive pennants that are shabby continuously, which implies a lot of expense. The limitations areas do not allow you to have a real follow-up of who saw it, where they contact you or if your information reaches the public you want.

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This promotion slows the growth rate of a sector representing the second-largest economic force in Mexico. It needs to reach its target audience to gain their trust quickly and efficiently. It has led to a very marked trend of moving towards the digital field.

What does this demanding sector need? Kevin Ruíz de Chávez, director of the digital marketing agency Conquer, highlights five advantages that you will obtain by investing in digital marketing if you belong to the real estate sector.

1.Generation of leads

You need potential customers to sell, people who are interested in your services and products. Under this panorama, digital marketing agencies have a great responsibility. They attract a specific audience’s attention and ensure that they provide you with enough data to offer.

What do we do? Run campaigns that generate leads, name, phone, email, and all the necessary information to give work to your commercial area every day. As long as you have who to call, who to sell to, you are working,” says Ruíz.


The millennial generation is already emerging as the country’s primary workforce. Interest in acquiring real estate increases, so the sector must adapt to its different demands, where time plays a vital role. Another advantage that digital marketing offers is immediacy since its current tools allow you to give attention automatically. The scheduling of messages and the possibility of maintaining a faster contact reduces uncertainty and increases the chances of purchase. It increases the confidence of your potential client, feels taken into account, and increases their preference for your services.

3.Personalized attention

In this world full of options, it is not easy to respond quickly, but users demand customized treatment. Before implementing any strategy, you have to consider that your clients are the engine of your business. They are becoming more demanding, and every day more real estate offers appear on the market.

Digital marketing tools provide you with all the facilities to improve your service and personalize your attention. Messages that greet the user, sharing images, videos, and information about a specific development of their interest, and giving personal follow-up instantly. These are competitive advantages that, well implemented, will differentiate you from the competition.

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