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Donald Trump 2024 US Poll Bid Proposes With India

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Donald Trump 2024 US Poll Bid Proposes With India

Donald Trump Proposes Harsher Tax, Trade Policies With India

Donald Trump, who is considering running for president again in 2024, has proposed harsher tax and trade policies with India if he is elected. These policies would include:

  • Retaliating against India for imposing higher tariffs on American goods by imposing equally harsh tariffs on Indian goods.
  • Ending the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program, which gives India duty-free access to some American goods.
  • Imposing tariffs on Indian imports of steel, aluminium, and other products.
  • Increasing scrutiny of Indian investment in the United States.

Trump has argued that these policies are necessary to protect American jobs and businesses from unfair competition from India. However, Indian officials have criticized the proposals, saying that they would damage the bilateral trade relationship.

It is unclear whether Trump would be able to implement these policies if he is elected president. The US Congress would need to approve any changes to the GSP program or tariffs on Indian imports. However, Trump has shown a willingness to use executive power to impose tariffs, and he could do the same with India if he feels that it is necessary.

The impact of these policies on the US-India relationship is also uncertain. The two countries are important trading partners, and any disruption to trade could have a negative impact on both economies. However, it is also possible that the policies could lead to a more balanced trade relationship between the two countries.

Only time will tell whether Trump will be able to implement his proposed trade policies with India. However, his announcement of these policies has already raised tensions between the two countries.

Click To Read More: https://www.livemint.com/news/world/donald-trump-2024-us-poll-bid-proposes-harsher-tax-trade-policies-with-india-11693994381080.html

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