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Marketing Lessons Big Brands Can Teach Startups [2023]

by businessian

Marketing Lessons From Successful Multinationals

I will begin by mentioning the phrase of the renowned French philosopher and writer François Marie Arouet Voltaire, “There is someone so intelligent that he learns from the experience of others.” Valuing others’ experiences and learning the most relevant from them will help you enrich and optimize every one of your online marketing strategy processes.

Large companies such as Facebook, Mint, and AppSumo, have implemented different quite effective marketing methods, through which they have reached the prestige and position they enjoy today in the digital environment.

What can you learn from them? Take note of the following marketing lessons to show you what to do to succeed within the online ecosystem.

Incentivize your target audience

It is not just about incentivizing your potential customers but getting them to interact with your brand. How? You can offer specific promotions according to your interests and needs, collaboration partnerships, or access accounts with special privileges.


If you want to find the best offers at the digital products level (apps, ebooks, learning courses, etc.), AppSumo is the best option. When DropBox was still not very popular, AppSumo launched an offer that consisted of raffling ten-lifetime passes for Pro DropBrox accounts, just by subscribing to your email address. In the end, the number of subscriptions reached 50,000, so his database of prospects had grown considerably.

But what marketing lessons can you learn from this? Very simple, just like Mint or AppSumo, you can promote special offers and emphasize what your potential customers will receive if they share your product and service. In addition to this, Marketing Lessons From Successful Multinationals look for the possibility of allying with other types of companies to carry out cross-promotions and obtain greater visibility and, therefore, better benefits.

Sponsor small sites

Generally, the best opportunities to promote your business are those sites that do not have any sponsorship; why? They are not interested in competing with you, and on the other hand, you are allowing them to get out of anonymity.


Mint has sponsored small personal finance blogs like Bargaineering and tech websites like Paul Stamatiou. By giving them access to the tool, each of their impressions gets published on the blog; readers can also access this information.

Did they win? In small websites, increasing their online reputation by having  popular influencers and Mint attracts potential new customers in using the tool.


Like Mint, AppSumo took on sponsoring the Tim Ferriss website and Andrew Chen’s blog. His readers benefited from the offers and promotions they could offer them. And his input on the blog made his audience grow impressively.

Keep the focus on what your target audience is saying and provide useful content

If you have no idea what your potential clients want any strategy is will fail. Therefore, he learns to listen to them and provides them with useful solutions that answer their problems.

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