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Check Book Write for Us

Check Book Write for us

The (cheque) passbook is a document that a financial institution delivers to customers with a checking account. A paper integrates a series of stubs (checks), which allow the holder to have money in favor of him or a third party. In this sense, the checkbook is a document that the bank delivers to all customers who, upon request, hold a current account. Thus, checkbooks consist of several stubs of checks used to withdraw cash. These may be collected in favor of the holder and holder of the checkbook as well as in favor of third parties, and if you can send us the ideas, you submit the article to contact@businessian.com.

What are Check Books

The bank usually provides the checkbook to the requesting customer upon payment of a small amount, provided that the subject is consider worthy of credit. For example, the protestes issues cannot obtain the checkbook. They often fail even to open a current account, being inhibited by the institutions. We are talking about those who have not fulfilled an obligation assumed in the past, such as non-payment in full of a loan, non-payment on the expiry of a bill, or the issue of an overdraft check.

Cost of Check Book

All the Banks foresee costs for requesting and sending the booklet.
The delivery of the booklet takes place through, and the Bank charges a cost of around two euros.
In this regard, it is essential to remember that a customer can also request a single check for a single payment; in this case, an issuing cost can expect.

Types for Check Book

In addition to bank check stubs, other types are called by that name. These are also widely uses in the business world, so their existence is worth noting.
In this sense, the types of existing checkbooks are:
Bank stubs: It is a type of checkbook that supplements invoices. Businesses widely use these checkbooks to issue invoices for the sale of products or services.
Receipt Stubs: These are a type of checkbook that is made up of supporting documents. These are also widely used by companies; their purpose is to justify the receipt of money, goods, or services.
Checkbook: This is the type of checkbook referred to in the article. The bank delivers these and consists of bank checks associate with a checking account.

Example for Check Book

We remind you that a bank check can cash by the creditor within eight days from the date of issue if the security issue in the square or in the same Municipality in which it will exchange, within 15 days if it issue outside the court, or in an Italian municipality other than the one in which it will levies.

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