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Fitch Downgrades US Credit Rating from AAA to AA+

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Fitch Downgrades US Credit Rating from AAA to AA+

The United States government credit rating has been downgraded following concerns over the country’s finances and debt burden.

Yes, that is correct. On August 1, 2023, Fitch Ratings downgraded the United States’ long-term credit rating from AAA to AA+. This was the first time the US had been downgraded since 2011.

Fitch Cited three Main Reasons for the Downgrade.

  • The expected fiscal deterioration over the next three years. As the US government faces rising interest payments on its debt and increasing spending on entitlement programs such as Social Security & Medicare.
  • The high and growing general government debt burden, which is now over 100% of GDP.
  • The erosion of governance relative to peers, as evidenced by the repeated debt ceiling standoffs and last-minute resolutions in recent years.

The Downgrade is a significant development. As it could make it more expensive for the US government to borrow money and could also lead to a decline in the value of the US dollar. However, it is essential to note that the US still has a solid credit rating. And the Downgrade is not a sign that the US is about to default on its debt.

Fitch also assigned a Stable Outlook to the US rating, meaning they do not expect to downgrade the rating further soon. However, they warned that the rating could be downgraded if the US government does not take steps to address its fiscal challenges.

The Downgrade has been met with mixed reactions. Some economists have argued that it is a necessary wake-up call for the US government. While others have argued that it is an overreaction. Only time will tell how the Downgrade will impact the US economy and financial markets.

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