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Crack All SEO Hacks And Hit A Million Views To Your Website

by businessian
Crack All SEO Hacks And Hit A Million Views To Your Website

Hit A Million Views To Your Website – Search engine optimization, SEO is on every entrepreneur’s mind these days, as it becomes an essential component for business survival. The landscape of SEO keeps evolving, while many popular digital marketing techniques become obsolete with time. At the same time, several continue to dominate the SEO domain. Marketers have to stay abreast with the latest digital marketing and SEO arena and apply the latest techniques to bring more visitors to their website.

Modern life is hectic, and people do not bother to check out other search results beyond the first page. Experts comment that websites landing on the first page of SERP, search engine results page generate the most leads and turn potential customers into actual ones. Marketers need to be vigilant and intelligent with their SEO techniques to attract more visitors.

The following are some of the SEO hacks which will help you in hitting a million views to your website:

Conduct SEO Audit

Creating a website is crucial for digital marketing, but it isn’t sufficient. Marketers should conduct site audits frequently and evaluate their websites’ performance. It helps them identify their areas that need improvement, and they can work on them and turn them into their strengths. Site audit gives a clear picture of users’ engagement and determines the type of content they prefer the most. While you audit your website, ensure that you analyze the website’s URL, integration of keywords end formation of content. Several tools are available online to help conduct site audits but do your research before using one for your website.

Pay Attention to Off-Page SEO

Marketers stay diligent while dealing with other off page SEO elements. As the name implies, it refers to all the techniques that one uses outside a website’s boundaries. Link-building is one of the effective off-page SEO strategies and helps websites attract more users. Social media marketing is gaining immense momentum as it enhances brands’ visibility with a few clicks. Marketers can venture into off-page SEO tactics to achieve maximum traffic on their websites.

Create Timeless Content

Content is the ultimate aspect of a website that either navigates users towards a website or drives them away. Evergreen content will continue to bring users and boost up your websites’ visibility. Content is a vast term, and images, videos, blogs, and gifs all come under the umbrella. Although creating content targeting an event can be a good idea, for the time being, it may not be a source of generating leads in the long run. Sharing content on social media while considering the target audience is the key to create timeless content, and marketers can use it to hit a million views.

Invest in Technical SEO

Marketers can strive hard and apply innovative strategies, but ignoring SEO’s technical aspects may fail in bringing more users to their websites. The search considers several elements while displaying results and UI/UX friendly websites are likely to earn higher rankings. You need to frequently visit technical areas of SEO and see if it needs some improvement. A high bounce rate is a red flag and puts the webpage down the ranking of search results. Another critical point is to analyze the page’s session duration and see how long users last on your page on average. Working on-site navigation also improves site performance and helps it enhance its rankings.

Provide Users with Better Experience

There are billions of websites, and your website will be one of the hundreds in your niche. Internet users do not appreciate complicated layouts, unreadable fonts, and slow pages. The general idea is that the users do not wait for more than twenty seconds to load a page, and they turn to other alternatives. Moreover, marketers need to optimize their websites for mobile users. Many people prefer using smartphones for their searches and consider opening a laptop or desktop a hassle. When a website provides users with a better experience, users return and do word-of-mouth marketing for them.

Participate in your Niche-Related Forums

Marketers need to go out and about to promote their websites, but the key is to do it subtly. Instead of writing ‘purchase our product,’ they can be creative and integrate the same message subtly in their content. Commenting on niche-related authentic websites, sending them guest posts, and participating in related forums while hyperlinking the website’s URL are easy ways of promoting a brand. More users will come across the website’s link and end up visiting it. Furthermore, the more backlink from authentic and reliable web pages a website has, the higher it ranks. Participating in niche-related forums is an effective link-building strategy and can enhance a website’s visibility.

Integrate Videos and Images

Images and videos are attractive, and the correct usage of colors can help marketers attract more users. Integrating keywords in images and using infographics are the tried and tested ways of enhancing SEO and enhance webpages’ position. Incorporating subtitles in videos makes your content accessible and useful for deaf people. They can easily consume content, giving your web page more views. Moreover, you can integrate keywords in video transcripts and leverage them to appear on initial search pages. Many people do not like reading a lengthy blog, but they do not mind consuming the same content in the form of videos. Marketers can try and integrate different types of content as per their target audience.


SEO needs a proper plan, and marketers who devise appropriate programs while keeping the target audience and current SEO trends in consideration manage to achieve their goals. Some people think that integrating keywords in content can help them in ranking high and garnering more users. While inducing right-targeted keywords in content is still crucial to SEO. Modern users tend to prefer voice search over typing, and optimizing content for voice search can also enhance SEO and help webpages land on initial pages of search results.

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