All You Need to Know About a Semi-Inground Pool

What is a Semi-Inground Pool?

So, planning to construct your swimming pool? You have broadly two options, one is the inground pool, and the other being the above-ground pool. What if you want to have a little bit of both the pool types? The answer is the semi-ground pool. The semi-ground swimming pools are different from the other two types in terms of aesthetics & installation process.

In this article, we discuss the semi-inground pool and whether it is the right fit for your expectations and budget. So, let’s scroll down and have a look:-

Semi-Inground Pool Installation

The only difference between a semi-inground and an inground pool is the degree to which the swimming pool is actually under the ground level.

A semi-inground pool can be slightly or completely above the ground, whereas an inground pool is entirely submerged in the ground. On the other hand, an above-ground pool is constructed 100% above the ground. The semi-inground pools are flexible to install.

Most pool owners find the semi-inground pool best-suited for both city and town, and the pool heights can be adjusted as per the local specifications.

Problems to Watch Out For

Even though the semi-inground pools are less problematic, they have several elements that you may have to maintain.

The walls around the pool and any water features need to be taken care of, to ensure that they are in good shape both functionally & aesthetically. You’ve to remember that the walls are supporting the walls, therefore they must be kept in the best possible condition.

While it is not a major problem, the higher water temperature that you may experience with an inground pool is something that cannot be overlooked. So, if you live in an area that witnesses long summers, then you can consider investing in a pool chiller.

If you want to spend more time around the pool, even on a sunny afternoon, we suggest you should install a patio cover. It offers protection against harsh weather elements.

You can do a lot of entertainment activities in the covered patio area. Your outdoor furniture will stay safe from sun damage.

You can add outdoor lighting like string lights, chandeliers, and lanterns, to enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Semi-inground pools are best suited for their aesthetics alone. They look pretty awesome, and the walls can be flexible in terms of customization, function, and style.

The steel walls of the semi-inground pool come with a lifetime warranty, thus meaning your swimming pool will be long-lasting. Semi-inground pools aren’t challenging to install.

How Much Does it Cost?

Semi-inground pools cost you more than an inground pool, as the former includes materials for forming the walls and additional labor. The factor to consider is the building materials and how you choose to upgrade the surrounding pool walls.

How to Lower the Maintenance Cost of an Inground Pool?

Who wishes to vacuum the pool every day during the busy pool season, but the leaves, twigs, and yard debris gets into the pool water. Pool cover comes to your rescue; it reduces the cleaning time by keeping dirt & debris out of the pool. It lowers the swimming pool’s chemical consumption gradually and prevents accidental falling of your kid or pet in the pool water.

A pool reel is worth adding to your inground pool as it covers & uncovers the pool with a push of a button. It extracts and retracts automatically; hands-free operation,

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