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Shopify vs Wix: Which is better for an Online Store? [2024]

by businessian
Shopify Vs Wix - Which one is better for building an Online Store?


So you are ready to build your own online store?

Making the decision to go with a CMS when building your e-commerce store is a critical decision.

The wrong decision will make you want to switch months later after your store is live.

In the E-Commerce Business unnecessary halts dramatically affect conversions and sales.

Today in this post we will discuss Shopify vs Wix, like which CMS is better to build an e-commerce store.

Features Shopify Wix
Ease of use Good Excellent
Themes & Flexibility Great Good
Product Presentation & Features Great Good
Payment Options Great Good
POS Capabilities Great Good
Sales Channels Great Ok
Customer Logins and Checkout Options Good Ok
Tax Settings Good Excellent
Multilingual capabilities Ok Poor
SSL Excellent Excellent
SEO Capabilities Good Good
Pagespeed Great Good
Support Great Ok
Marketplace Great Great
Prices Good Great


What’s the main difference anyway?

Wix is a beginner platform you just have to know to drag and drop and thus you can use this CMS with ease. Another thing is that Wix as a platform is tailored towards small business owners that are selling products no more than 300.

Shopify on the other hand lets you sell thousands of products. It is priced slightly higher and the plans start at $29 whereas the Wix plan starts at $12.50 that is less than half of Shopify.

Ease of Access

When it comes to Ease of Access, Wix wins it. Because the User Interface of Wix is super-intuitive even the first-time user can find his way across the website CMS and would hardly need the help of a developer or a tech person.

Shopify on the other hand is a tad bit difficult to use, getting acquainted with the CMS can take some time.

Visual Front

On the visual front, Shopify wins it. Shopify has themes made exclusively for online stores since it’s a CMS used for creating online stores only. You wouldn’t find anyone building any other kind of business website using Shopify.

As a result, you will get the best in-store when it comes to getting the visual theme for your e-commerce store. What’s more, is that there are 100s of free themes for you to choose from.

Wix on the other hand is a full-fledged CMS where people come to build all sorts of websites be it, service business website, lead generation website, portfolio website, blog website, or even e-commerce store.

And as a result, you won’t get specialization in the Wix platform. You might have to compromise on aesthetics if you are choosing a theme from the Wix platform.

Domain Features

This is an aspect where Shopify comes on top, Shopify seems super-expensive in terms of the cost that you have to pay every month to keep using it.

But when you are using Shopify you don’t have to worry about choosing a hosting provider and upgrading your hosting on time and paying for that host. Your Shopify store will be hosted on Shopify’s server.

And rest assured their server is indeed fast.

Wix also comes with a host for your website but studies have proven that Wix host delivers poor performance compared to Shopify host in terms of server response times. This is a critical reason to consider Shopify over Wix.

Shopify Vs Wix Pagespeed Analysis

It’s 2021 and Page Experience Update by Google is looming over our heads in fact, it’s going live in mid-June 2021.

Do we really need to go deeper to understand the importance of pagespeed for SEO?

In terms of pagespeed Shopify outperforms Wix, Shopify takes care of roadblocks like asset minification, preloading key requests, avoiding excessive DOM size, lazy loading, text compression, using next-gen formats, and at the same time server response, times are better than that of Wix.

Aspects, where Wix fails miserably, are, server response times, serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers, text compression fails, JavaScript execution time is very poor.

Shopify Vs Wix SEO Compliance

When it comes to SEO compliance (and this is an important factor to watch out for because search engine optimization can drive huge sales to your online stores) Shopify triumphs over Wix with flying colours.

Wix has long been criticized for being the worst for SEO.

Some of the SEO issues you will face when using Wix are

Google Bot has a hard time crawling the website, as a result, it takes longer to render the website completely and this affects the accessibility and your crawl budget of course.

Wix has very little room for technical SEO customization and this makes the website fail in the Technical SEO round which is fundamentally a foundation for any website.

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