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Which Equation is Y = 9×2 + 9x – 1 Rewritten in Vertex Form?

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Equation is Y = 9x2 + 9x – 1 Rewritten in Vertex Form

mathway.com/ – Equation is Y = 9×2 + 9x – 1 Rewritten in Vertex Form

Algebra Examples

General Problems


Find the Vertex Form y=9x^2+9x-1


While the square for 9×2+9x−1

Algebra Examples

Which equation is y = 9x^2 + 9x – 1 rewritten in vertex form?

Which equation is y = 9x^2 + 9x – 1 rewritten in vertex form

The equation is y = 9×2 + 9x – 1 rewritten in vertex form?

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Which Equation is Y = 9x2 + 9x – 1 Rewritten in Vertex Form


Gauth Tutor Solution


Gauth Tutor Solution




Similar Questions

Similar Questions





quizlet.com – Equation is Y = 9×2 + 9x – 1 Rewritten in Vertex Form?

In which equation is y=9×2+9x-1 rewritten in vertex form?

1)1) y=9y=9 (xx + half) squared minus fourteenths;

2)2) y=9y=9 (xx + 1/2) squared minus 1;1;

3)3) y=9y=9 (xx + one-half) squared + 5/4;

4)4) y=9y=9 (xx + half) squared minus five-fourths.

Step 1

Finding an equivalent expression, or one that has the same value as the supplied expression by rewriting it in vertex form, is necessary.

numerade.com/ – Equation is Y = 9×2 + 9x – 1 Rewrite in Vertex Form

In vertex form, whose equation is y = 9×2 + 9x – 1? 1) y = 9 (x + half) squared minus fourteenths 2) y = 9 (x + 1/2) squared minus 1 3) y = 9 (x + 1/2) squared plus five-fourths 4) y = 9 (x plus one-half) squared minus 5/4


What Is Vertex Form? Example

A vertex form is a location in geometry where two or more curves, lines, or edges intersect. As a result of this definition, vertices are the points where two lines intersect to make an angle, as well as the corners of polygons and polyhedra. A square, for example, has four corners, each of which is referred to as a vertex. Vertices is the plural version of vertex. The term vertex is most typically used to refer to a polygon’s corners.

An included angle is created when two lines intersect at a vertex. The internal angle of a polygon is the included angle at each vertex.  This is not the term’s exact mathematical definition, vertex is also occasionally used to denote something’s “top” or high point, such as the vertex of an isosceles triangle, which is the “top” corner opposite its base.

Vertex Form of a Quadratic Equation

How do you graph quadratic equations in vertex form?


Quadratic Equations in Vertex Form have a normal form:

y=f(x)=a(xh)2+k, where

(h,k) is the Vertex

Let us assume a quadratic equation in Vertex Form:

y=f(x)=(x3)2+8, where


Hence, Vertex =(3,8)

To find the y-intercept, set x=0




Hence, the y-intercept: (0,17)

We can use a table of values to draw the graph:


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