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How to Make an Efficient Brochure for Your Business – 2024

by businessian

Create an Efficient Brochure

The Brochure of a company is one of the most strategic documents in its positioning and sales process.

To create an efficient Brochure  that generates results, you must plan it correctly. Here are five questions that you should review before making your Brochure.

Indispensable variables to consider before writing or designing your Brochure

1.Define the objective of your Brochure in the Buying Process

Brochures can serve as five points of contact in your purchasing process:

Leave-Behind. (Leave behind) It is the one to leave after meeting a potential client.

Point Sale. (Point of Sale) You can leave it at counters or strategic points where the potential client usually goes.

Respond to Inquiries. (Responses) is sent after a potential customer asks about a specific product or service. It is generally online and requires personalized follow-up.

Direct Mail. (Direct Mail) Sending information to a specific target either via email or postal mail. You are prospecting potential clients.

Sales Support Tool. It supports the presentation of sales of services and products.

The role your Brochure will serve determines the type of content it should have. If you want an effective business brochure, your messages should remember that wanting to cover everything to save will give you inferior results.

2.Who is your client?

When you write your texts, choose photos and colors, think about connecting with them, not about the boss’s writing style, right?

Being clear about all these questions will help you develop clear promotional ideas and messages that reach your potential client’s insights.

3.Is your brochure part of a campaign, or is it a standalone tool?

This answer will also determine the type of content that your Brochure should have if it is part of a comprehensive advertising campaign. Other media like radio, press, AdWords, etc. will participate. The contents and the design itself must align with the strategy and central message of the campaign.

In case your Brochure is an independent tool from your campaigns, its content will depend on the objective and use.

4.Tell a story in your Brochure: Storytelling

Once you identify your market, it is time to define the content structure that your Brochure must have to be effective.

Do not make your content dull, mentioning your products and services, benefits, features, and incredible qualities only. Create a story with all of this.

Remember the objective of the Brochure; keep in mind the moment when people are going to receive it in your purchase process; what information do they need to pay attention to you?

If they have already heard your sales presentation, they may need information on success stories to boost their confidence in your proposal and encourage them to close a deal with you.

If they pick up the efficient Brochure at a point of sale where they were waiting to go into the doctor, perhaps what they need is information on how to solve a particular problem with your company’s help.

Develop a structure in a story format: a cover that impacts and intrigues, an introduction, climax, and denouement. Generate a brochure with valuable content that helps and generates a pleasant experience, not dull, not one of the bunch.

Suppose that you are a company that sells CRM Software, and you develop a brochure that says on the cover: “5 characteristics to consider before choosing a CRM for your company.” With this, you can show your benefits and product, but at the same time, you add value to the reader, and you stop having a cold brochure-like your competition’s.

5.Don’t let the visual spoil your story

One of the crucial parts to consider before starting the design and writing of your Brochure is to define visual support.

Since you have the structure of its content, you can be more precise about what type of images or graphics you incorporate to make your story more attractive.

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