Tips and Criteria for an MBA – Choosing the Right Program

Choosing for an MBA

Deciding to study for an MBA opens up endless possibilities and opportunities for professional development. The Master in Business Administration provides tools to obtain a global vision of the business world. Many professionals find in the MBA the possibility of improving their business management skills. When choosing the right program, there are several aspects to consider.

One of them has to do with the orientation of the MBA. Depending on the area in which the student wishes to develop or improve, he may choose a program that meets those needs. As its name indicates, the Master of Business Administration trains professionals in the area of ​​business management. But in addition to the more traditional disciplines such as Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources, there are increasingly specialized programs. For example, at UP, we have an MBA in Integrated Marketing Communications, Strategic Management, and Startups and Digital Businesses.

In business, business studies are also important.

Types of Classes

Another of the criteria to take into account when choosing an MBA is the type of study. Certain personal circumstances have weight when making this decision, such as time availability, time, and travel possibilities. Generally, MBA students are already working and do not have as many hours to devote to study. Taking into account all these considerations, the student may choose face-to-face, online, or combined modalities.

The body of professors and professionals in charge of the MBA is also a contributing factor when deciding. Having a team of recognized and specialized teachers will make the experience and learning much more enriching and fruitful for the student’s future and professional development. UP professors are the right references in their teaching areas, and we also have seminars and conferences given by leading figures from the international business community. The quality and prestige of the institution is another aspect to take into account. The MBA at the University of Palermo was chosen as the best in Argentina by the QS Global MBA Rankings 2019.


Experiences abroad provide invaluable knowledge for any training, which goes beyond academics. In an area such as business administration, having the opportunity to learn how management works in advanced and developed countries is critical. Therefore, evaluating the possibility of doing an MBA with exchange programs can help obtain complete training. The MBA at the University of Palermo allows you to do an exchange semester at New York University, Stern School of Business.

The analysis of real cases from different parts of the world can also provide a broader and more complete perspective of the subject to the student.

Deciding at what stage of life to take the MBA is not a minor aspect. Although many students consider doing it as soon as they finish their undergraduate degree, specialists recommend waiting a few years to gain professional experience, which will be valuable when studying and applying the experiences lived in classes.

Analyzing the networking possibilities that MBA offers is a fundamental factor. It is about the relationships and professional connections that the student can generate worldwide, which are very useful for future work. UP MBA graduates are part of a lifelong business, social, and international network that provides many development opportunities.

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