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Finance Write for Us

Finance Write for Us

The process of generating cash or finances for any spending is known as finance. It directs different financial resources—such as credit, loans, and invested capital—to those shares of the economy that need or can use them most effectively.

The discipline of finance studies money, money systems, and capital assets. It is associated with economics, which studies the production, distribution, and consumption of money, assets, products, and services, but it is not the same.


Finance has three types. They are:

  • Personal Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Public Finance

Personal Finance

Personal finance refers to the knowledge of how to set up a budget, maintain a chequebook balance, acquire finances for significant expenditures, save for retirement, prepare for taxes, buy insurance, and manage investments.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is the study, development, and management of a company’s capital structure. It seeks to raise organisational value and profit through wise financial, investment, and dividend decisions. It focuses on capital investments that satisfy a company’s financial needs to achieve a desirable capital structure.

Public Finance

The study of public finances focuses on how the government affects the economy. The area of economics evaluates the public authorities’ government revenue and expenditures and adjusts either one or the other to produce desired results and prevent negative ones.

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